Library Lamp for Nationalmuseum

Bibilotekslampor / Library Lamps
The National Museum of Sweden re-opened in 2018 after five years of renovation. Front was asked to create a permanent lamp installation for the library.

We created our version of the classic green Clerks lamp - a series of lamps that seems to grow and adapt to its surrounding. From the small but heavy base springs the lamp like a sprouting plant or mushroom. One stretches up towards the high ceiling and bends down to light the reading area with lounge chairs and others find their way from the floor on to the window-seal  towards the light. The ones placed in the tall windows stretch, wind and curve like they might grow a bit by the next time you come to visit.

- When we were asked to make an installation for a library we found it interesting to look into the story behind the emerald green lamp we all recognise from libraries, often called Clerks lamp. It became popular in the early 1900 especially in banks, libraries and offices. It was believed that the green colour had a calming effect and was good for concentration. The green of the lampshade shaded and diffused the direct light and the inner white glass reflected white light onto the book and made it perfect as a reading lamp. 

We often look back in history for inspiration and understanding of the culture background of an object. Since we worked for a museum in this project this was of course an ideal place to go into the archives. 


Produced by Zero