Triclinium Rug for Moroso

The Triclinium was a celebratory piece of furniture. This was where the ancient Romans entertained their guests, ate and drank, reclined and debated. It was a place for politics and for pleasure.

Front´s new Triclinium sofa celebrates the different ways we use the sofa in our daily lives. The sofa has become the central place of the home. We read, take naps, work, specialize, cuddle, watch TV, eat etc. The Triclinium sofa is a transformable landscape of upholstery and cushions that creates a place for you and your friends and family to live in. The attached side table is perfect for snacks, dinner or your laptop. When your friends come to stay it can also be used as a sofa bed. The material in the woven ropes makes it possible to use it as a daybed outdoors too. A rug, made in the same rope technique, extends the seating area.